1. Multi Purpose Ladder 1. Our multi purpose ladder confirms to the European safety standard EN131.
      2. It is of aluminum structure with safelock steel hinges.
      3. It has twin stabilizer bars characterized by large rubber feet.
      4. It is equipped with two pieces of steel platforms.
    1. Combination Ladder 1. This combination ladder is made of anodized aluminum, which provides a durable, rust-resistant and smooth surface.
      2. It is easy to operate, and it can be used as a single ladder and a step ladder with an adjustable height.
    1. Double Sided Ladder 1. Our double sided ladder is safe on both sides.
      2. It adopts non-slip steps.
      3. This ladder is a kind of heavy duty aluminum ladder.
      4. It is light in weight and easy to transport.
    1. Single Ladder The height of our ladder ranges from 171cm to 423cm, so you can choose an appropriate one to suit you specific application. In addition, our single ladder is made from aluminum, so it is lighter than wooden ladder and steel ladder, thus making it convenient to move from one place to another place. As our pressure test shows, the maximum loading capacity of our single ladder is 150kg.
    1. Scaffolding 1. This scaffolding is a three-section aluminum scaffold and ladder in one.
      2. Two ladder elements can be independently used, with 6 rungs each.
      3. It adopts two sturdy crosspieces on each ladder element. This, together with dual stabilizers, helps provide high stability.  
    1. Telescopic Ladder1. This ladder integrates the advantages of a telescopic ladder and a stepladder and can be used for all your tasks. According to your specific needs, you can use it free-standing or put it against the wall. In addition, this telescopic ladder is safe and comfortable.
      2. It features compact design, strong configuration, and fast operation. The maximum extension length ...
    1. Extension LadderThis extension ladder is a kind of multi purpose ladder. The main frame is made of aluminum and can be pulled at will. Our extension ladder can be used as a single ladder by use of a wall. When there is no wall, you can change it into a step ladder and then extend it according to your applications.
    1. Step Ladder 1. This folding aluminum stepladder adopts light weight design and it can be used easily by women.
      2. The ropes between front and rear frame provide more strength for the ladder.
      3. Our step ladder can be folded easily and it doesn't take too much place.
    1. Steel Ladder 1. This ladder occupies only a little space. When it is not used, it can be easily folded and conveniently stored.
      2. Our steel ladder is of high safety. It has passed the load capacity, anti-slip, anti-overturn, and hardness inspections. The loading capacity of this ladder is 150kg.
      3. It is suitable for household, supermarket, warehouse, hotel, and other places.
    1. Aluminum Working Platform 1. This aluminum working platform is light weight, easy to carry and set up, and convenient to store.
      2. It is used to provide a non-slip area for standing.
      3. It can protect floor from damage.

As a professional aluminum ladder manufacturer in China, we can provide hundreds of varieties of products, mainly including aluminum ladder, fold ladder, scaffolding, telescopic ladder, extension ladder, steel ladder and aluminum working platform. These products are designed to meet the requirements of users in different countries, and they can be used as household ladder and industrial ladder.

Our products are light weight, easy to be folded, and convenient to be stored. In addition, they only occupy a small space. Understanding the importance of ladder safety, we specially set up a laboratory that is equipped with specialized inspection equipment to test the bearing capacity, skidproof property, rollover prevention, rigidity and other properties of our ladders, to ensure their stable performance and safe operation. As a result, our fold ladder, steel ladder, and other products have been EN131, CE, and SGS certified.

With reliable quality and low prices, our products are currently exported to Asia, Europe, America, Oceania, and Africa. In addition, our company is near Ningpo Port and Shanghai Port, which enables our customers to transport goods at low cost.

If you want to get more information about our step ladder, scaffolding, or other products, please go through our website, or contact us directly! Liwang Company will be your right choice!