By Loading Capacity

As a professional aluminum ladder manufacturer in China, we can provide aluminum ladder, fold ladder, extension ladder, and other ladders with hundreds of varieties. By the loading capacity, these ladders can be grouped into 115 kg ladders and 150 kg ladders. These products have been EN131, CE, and SGS certified, and they have a wide application. Liwang Company welcomes you to choose our aluminum ladder!

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Household Ladder, Industrial Ladder
    1. Double Sided Ladder 1. Our double sided ladder is safe on both sides.
      2. It adopts non-slip steps.
      3. This ladder is a kind of heavy duty aluminum ladder.
    1. Single Ladder The height of our ladder ranges from 171cm to 423cm, so you can choose an appropriate one to suit you specific application.
    1. Extension LadderThis extension ladder is a kind of multi purpose ladder. The main frame is made of aluminum and can be pulled at will. Our extension ladder can be used as a single ...
    1. Steel Ladder 1. This ladder occupies only a little space. When it is not used, it can be easily folded and conveniently stored.
      2. Our steel ladder is of high safety. It has passed ...