Fold Ladder

    1. Multi Purpose Ladder 1. Our multi purpose ladder confirms to the European safety standard EN131.
      2. It is of aluminum structure with safelock steel hinges.
      3. It has twin stabilizer bars characterized by large rubber feet.
      4. It is equipped with two pieces of steel platforms.
    1. Combination Ladder 1. This combination ladder is made of anodized aluminum, which provides a durable, rust-resistant and smooth surface.
      2. It is easy to operate, and it can be used as a single ladder and a step ladder with an adjustable height.
    1. Double Sided Ladder 1. Our double sided ladder is safe on both sides.
      2. It adopts non-slip steps.
      3. This ladder is a kind of heavy duty aluminum ladder.
      4. It is light in weight and easy to transport.

Fold Ladder

The fold ladders shown in the pictures are specially designed by our company. The main frame of our ladder is made of aluminum, and the key parts and the appearance adopt corrosion-proof and rust-proof design.

Featuring light weight and easy folding, these aluminum ladders are very popular with customers. With only several steps, you could transform this fold ladder into any required shape. Apart from this, our ladders are of high stability and high safety. According to the characteristics of gravity, we conduct sound research and experiment on the size, height, and length of our fold ladder, in order to accomplish the optimal design. In addition, we use rubber pads at the bottom of ladder, and adopt chain lock or steel plate to connect two single ladders, which helps keep the ladder stable and prevent slipping.

We mainly provide three kinds of fold ladder, including multi purpose ladder, combination ladder and double sided ladder. These ladders are widely used in the fields of household, industry, agriculture, and so on.

Liwang Industry Company is a China-based fold ladder manufacturer. 80% of our operation staff have over two years of experience and can proficiently operate high-level automation production line to manufacture high quality products. In addition to fold ladder, we also provide single ladder, step ladder, trestle ladder, steel ladder and aluminum working platform. These products have been EN131, CE, and SGS certified. Currently, they are very popular with customers from Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and Africa.
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Household Ladder, Industrial Ladder
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